Operation IronwoRX 2013

Presented by Strata Fitness and in cooperation with Letrono CrossFit and CrossFit Great Salt Lake: Operation Iron Worx is a functional fitness competition with a military twist. Held on Army Garrison Camp Williams, with support from the Utah National Guard. Enlist NOW! Spots are filling up!


Operation IronwoRX 2013- Complete

Bruce Roberts
Operation #IronwoRX 2013 is in the books.....wow what a weekend. We saw some great performances this weekend and a lot of heart displayed by our competitors. The teams will be talking about Gerdy and the Individuals about Tri Girls for quite sometime- we aim to please.
Thank you to the community for coming out to support our event. We really appreciate the participation. HUGE thank you to the volunteers! You guys were money and we couldn't do it without you. Those that stuck it out to the end went home with some sweet swag. I want to recognize a few people for really working haContinue Reading

Saturday Heat Times

Zach Ludlow

Hey all. Great first day of competition!

This image should be large enough for you to view, but here are the heats for tomorrow. Please note that some heat times may vary, so be ready!

Good luck to all the athletes and teams competing!

Great first day!

Bruce Roberts

Hey warmongers,

thanks for coming out to support a great event. One of the firefighters who is providing medical support thought that Tri Girls looked so fun he had to jump in and do it.

What a great community we have. I saw many of my friends and fellow gym owners out there competing and having a great time. One highlight was watching Damon and Joe racing and squatting. Not bad for a couple of old guys!

Day 2 is almost upon us. Heats will be posted first thing tomorrow, see you there!

Team WOD "Gerdy"

Eric Huntsman
#3C "Gerdy" 2 Male/2 Female  25 Min Cut off

In IBA (Individual Body Armor)
20 Burpees as a Team
Yoke carry or push (360lbs) across the width of the football field, 50 yards

Each team member grabs a sandbag (45/25) where the yoke carry/push ended, as a team lunge back with sandbag in the overhead position back to the start of yoke push/carry.  
Load the sand bags on the gurney (140lbs) and perform one lap around the track (400m) as a team
As a team remove sandbags from the gurney and lunge with the sandbags in the overhead position back to where the yoke was left and leave thContinue Reading

Map & Driections

Zach Ludlow


This map provides locations for parking, bathrooms, vendors, warm up areas, food, barracks and where each event will be postioned. 

Start Times for Each Event

Bruce Roberts

Start times:


 Friday- Staring at 9 A.M. and running all day, you must request a heat time.


Saturday- “IronwoRX PFT” 9 A.M.

“The Guantlet”  1 P. M.

The Finals Heat s for each division 4-6:30 P.M.


Start Times:


Friday- Check-in, 4 P.M.

“TM Relay”  5 P.M.


Saturday: “Scuba Surfer and Tarzan” 9 A.M.

“Gerdy”  12 P.M.

TM Final 5:30 P.M.

IronwoRX PFT (Physical Fitness Test)

Bruce Roberts

“IronwoRX” PFT (Saturday AM)

1 Mile Ruck run with Rubber Duck. (45/25lb) Finish at the track and drop ruck and weapon


50 Push ups

50 Sit ups (abmat)

Run 800m

25 Push ups

25 Sit ups

Run 400m

30 Min Cut off

For Elite division the Push ups are performed with feet on a 45lb plate. No part of the athlete’s body other than chest and hands are allowed to touch the ground.  Open and Masters Division will perform hand release pushups.

Team WOD "Tarzan"

Bruce Roberts

#2B Tarzan: 1 Male -1 Female Athlete (8 min cutoff)
Completed as a Team for Time:
Both athletes move through obstacle course together
Rope climb
15x Box Jumps (at high platform bench)
Down monkey bars
KB Ammo can carry , 60 ft, #144/103
9x SDLP #72/53
Sled pull #95/70, 90 ft
Shimmy across Dip Bar
21x T2Bar @ pull up stations.  Follow the leaders style Team Time. The man and woman who don't compete at the Scuba Surfer must do this one.


Individual Event "The Gauntlet"

Bruce Roberts

“The Gauntlet” (Saturday PM)

Performed in a serpentine fashion on the infield

80m Sprint

30m high knees through tires

50m water jug farmers carry (5ga jug)

50m High crawl under wire w/ rubber duck

30m large tire flip

Then:  Max weight Clean and Jerk (Snatch for Elite Division)

6 min to perform entire WOD.   

**Sprint and C+J scored separately


Compete in one event, Tri- Girls!

Bruce Roberts
Only one event is running on Friday the 6th, but its going to be so epic we decided to open it up to everyone to compete in this CrossFit/military/triathlon style event. A 1 hour time domain is long for most Functional Fitness events, don't be scared. Sign up for (Single event) Tri-Girls for $30 bucks and come test your fitness. After you finish hang out at the pool, bring some food to BBQ and work on your tan while you watch the rest of the competitors throwdown. There will be prizes for the winner of this single event amongst all the competitors signed up for Tri Girls and IrContinue Reading

Team Event 2 Released "Scuba Surfer"

Bruce Roberts

Saturday Morning:


#2A “Scuba Surfer” 1 Male -1 Female Athlete (15 min cutoff) Best swimmers of team
For Time 2 Rounds each of:
30x DB 1 arm Snatches alternating arm  55/35lb
Carry 30# slam ball halfway across 25m pool, swim the other half.
10x Burpees
Swim back to your slam ball and carry it back across.

After 30 DB snatches. First athlete will enter pool any way with #30 Slam ball, water-run to 5ft mark in pool, and drop the slam ball (2 orange cones each side of pool for markers at 5ft- 2ft area of drop). From that point athlete will swim any style to opposite end of pooContinue Reading
So, only two team members will compete in this event?

Team Event 1 "Rubber Duck Relay"

Bruce Roberts

Operation IronWoRX Team Event 1,  4 Team Members 
 "Rubber Duck Team Relay"

4X410m Relay with Rubber duck (Rubber M-16) baton pass off.

2 rep max Front squat per athlete ; Teams cannot start 2 rep FS until last athlete finishes 410m.

Teams have one squat rack station for all team members. Athletes can load and unload bar as needed. 

16 Min Time Cap


I tried entering the code from the poster for a discount and it's saying its not valid.. Help plz

Individual Event 1 "Tri Girls"

Bruce Roberts

Here we go. Time to start releasing some teasers. Individual event 1 will be the only event on Friday the 6th. You will be able to sign up for your time slot. Morning or Evening.

Swim 200m any style (you can even walk along the bottom if you can touch)

"Annie" (double unders, and sit-ups) Performed by the pool

1 Mile Hill Run w/ Sandbag #30

"Grace" (Clean and Jerk. You must load your own bar. RX for Elite, 115/75 for Open and Masters)

1 Mile Run (back down the hill without the sandbag

Finish line is near the start point at the pool. 1 hour cut-off.

**If you cannot swimContinue Reading

Details on Event 1

Bruce Roberts

Event 1 for the individuals "Tri Girls" will involve swimming and some of the classic CrossFit named girl WODs. A promo video will be coming soon with all the details!

We will run this event Friday Sept 7th in the morning and evening. Heats will run every 15 minutes from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and then again from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

So 9, 9:15, 9:30, etc.. Very soon we will release a sign up form and you will be able to sign up for the time slot you want. This applies to all individual competitors.

Team Competition will not involve the pool on Friday night but will run on a similar Continue Reading
Is there a sign up sheet for the Friday time slots yet? Thanks!

Register before 1 AUG

Bruce Roberts

Do you guys remember this? The dead lift ladder from hell. Well there's more where that came from. This year is going to be epic and the good news- Registration is open!

Use discount code OPIR2013-25 for $25 off your registratin until AUG 1st. After that it will go up to the normal price of $99 for individuals and $200 for teams. 

We will be releasing some videos and pictures of some of the WODs as we get closer. What I can tell you now are the divisions you can register for and the number of spots.


Elite Men and Women- 15 (each)

Masters Men and Women- 15 (each)

Continue Reading

Operation IronwoRX 2013 is on!

Bruce Roberts

It's about that time. Operation IronwoRX is back- bigger and badder. This year we are expanding the event. For 2 Days, Friday and Saturday Sept 6-7, Camp Williams will host both a team and Individual Competition. Teams will be comprised of 2 guys and 2 girls. There is only one WOD on Friday and you will be able to choose the time of day you wish to compete. Saturday is all day. Registration will be open soon.

A little teaser information. Of course you can expect the military theme. You may see some Body Armor and Rubber Ducks again. If you like to stand in one spot a move barbContinue Reading
You are correct. It is actually Sept 6-7
The 7th is a Saturday and the 8th is a Sunday. Do you mean 6th and 7th of September for the event? Or is it a Saturday/Sunday competition?

2012 in the Books

Bruce Roberts

Operation IronwoRX 2012 is in the books. It was our first big CrossFit event and I couldn'd be happier with how it went. Thanks to all who came out to compete, judge, and support the event. I particularly want to THANK OUR VOLUNTEERS AND JUDGES. I could not have done it without you. Having dedicated help makes the event run smoothly and professionally.
Thanks to all our sponsors who helped us out: Strata Ftiness, Hylete, Letrono CrossFit, CrossFit Hyperion, Hermes CrossFit, and of course the Utah National Guard.

Congratulations to Justin Dickson, Ryan Birdsley, and ZachContinue Reading

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